Health and Safety

ECTS Value: 5 ECTS

Contact Hours: 25

Self Study Hours: 60

Assessment Hours: 40


Overall Objectives and Outcomes

The aim of this module is to instil health and safety awareness among participants and thus identify hazards stemming from biological, chemical, physical and mechanical elements that pose challenges to daily living. Exploring the means of curtailing such health hazards will also be covered.

By the end of this programme, participants should be able to:


a. Develop a comprehensive understanding how health and safety legislation is implemented in the health and social care setting;
b. Advise on hazards in the environment which might pose a potential threat to health and wellbeing;
c. Establish an understanding and appreciation for safety;
d. Develop a comprehensive understanding to the monitoring and review of health and safety in the health and social care setting;
e. Evaluate the effect of non-compliance with health and safety legislation in a health and social care setting;
f. Create a safe environment, eliminating any hazards on the workplace;
g. Conduct a risk assessment.  


a. Describe the health and safety local legislation and guidelines;
b. Identify the principles of personal occupational health and safety;
c. List the procedures one needs to follow to ensure a hazard free environment;
d. Identify risk factors in the workplace. 


a. Apply workplace occupational health, safety and welfare policies;
b. Design and implement appropriate procedures for the safe management and maintenance of substances used in the classroom;
c. Demonstrate the ability in carrying out hazard identifications, assessment and control procedures including a health and safety audit;
d. Search for practical examples and come up with debates which can be utilised during lessons for students to relate and grasp. 

Mode of Delivery

This module adopts a blended approach to teaching and learning. Information related to the structure and delivery of the module may be accessed through the IfE Portal. For further details, kindly refer to the Teaching, Learning and Assessment Policy and Procedures found on the Institute for Education’s website.

Assessment Methods

This programme adopts continuous and summative methods of assessment including assignments, online tasks, reflective journals, projects and video presentations. For further details, kindly refer to the Teaching, Learning and Assessment Policy and Procedures.

Suggested Readings

Core Reading List
1. HSE books (2008). Essentials of Health and Safety at Work. (4th edition). HSE.
2. Perry P (2003). Health and Safety questions and answers: a Practical Approach.
3. Stranks J (2003). Managers Guide to Health and Safety at Work. Kogan Page Ltd. 7th edition.
4. Hughes P (2008). Easy Guide to Health & Safety. Routledge.


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