Broad-based Competencies and Phenomenon-based Projects

Broad-based Competencies and Phenomenon-based Projects (EQF 6, 5 ECTS)

Through this study-unit, course participants will cover:

-basic information on broad-based skills according to Finnish curricula (primary school)/thematic areas (upper secondary school);

-an understanding of how different research-based methods support learning and how broad-based knowledge can be promoted;

-readiness to plan and direct phenomenon-based projects in collaboration with other teachers’ knowledge of different social, digital and physical learning environments;

-utilize various activating and research-based teaching methods as well as digital, physical, social learning environments flexibly to achieve wide-ranging learning goals and to build phenomenon projects.

Entry Requirements

Applicants interested in following this programme are to satisfy one of the minimum eligibility criteria:

  1. An awarded MATSEC Certificate (MQF/EQF Level 4), or equivalent;
  2. A full MQF/EQF Level 4 qualification with a minimum of 120 ECTS, or equivalent;
  3. Three subjects at Advanced Level (MQF/EQF Level 4) with two subjects at grade C or better and the third subject with a grade D or better.

Mode of Delivery

This module is delivered through asynchronous self-paced learning over a dedicated period of time. 

Mode of Assessment

Ongoing Assessment and Summative Assignment 

Pass Mark: 50% 


Upon successful completion of these study-unit, course participants will be conferred a certification by the University of Helsinki.

Suggested Readings

Training material will be provided by the lecturer.


Applications for these courses open periodically throughout the year. When open, interested applicants may apply through the Institute for Education’s online portal:​

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