Course Participants​

How to apply for Micro-Placements?

We encourage you to find your own placement as this will ensure that the experience provided will meet your expectations. 

For further information on how to seek a placement please refer to the Micro-Placement: Course Participants’ Handbook​

Key points

  • Contributor: Individuals / Organizations where you will be doing your work placement
  • Ask the contributor to fill in the Contributors’ Form, if they are not already on the Contributor’s list​.
  • Remember: Fill in the Course Participants’ Interest Form, to indicate clearly where you want to do the placement.
  • It is important that Micro-Placements are not held within a school/classroom-based/ teaching practice settings.
  • Course Participants following a specific subject stream must choose a Micro-Placement related to their area of study.
  • Any new contributor must have a Health and Safety risk assessment report and a business liability insurance
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