Who can benefit from this funding scheme?

The Institute is giving the opportunity to Directorates, Colleges and Schools to organise seminars/courses/conferences. The Institute is also giving the opportunity to all those employed within the education sector to attend seminars/courses/conferences locally or abroad so as to enhance their personal as well as their institution’s professional development.  

We are a non-state entity, can we still benefit from this scheme?

This is open for all colleges and schools including state, church and independent.

Do I need to apply for funds before or after attending/organising a seminar/course/conference?

Before attending or organising an event, you must submit the application form together with the required documentation and approval signatures. These are to reach IfE a minimum of six (6) weeks prior to the event.

I already started attending a seminar/course/conference but I forgot to submit the application for funds, can I still apply for the sponsorship?

No, unfortunately this is not possible. The application must reach the Institute prior to the event.

Does this scheme apply only to seminars/courses/conferences organised by the Ministry for Education or I can choose to attend an event organised by a private institution?

As long as the seminar/course/conference is relevant to your role, you are eligible to apply for the funds even if the event is organised by a private entity.

Does this scheme also apply to online courses?

Yes, this scheme also applies to courses being delivered online.

Is there a limit on the amount sponsored?

IfE will only consider funding applications that are over €75 in value.

From where I can download the Funding Policy together with the applications?

The policy together with the applications can be downloaded from the following link:

How will I be reimbursed for the seminar/course/conference that I have attended/organised?

Once you attend or organise the seminar/course/conference you must submit all the documentation listed in the funding policy. Once the administrative officer reviews the documents, the invoice/receipt is forwarded to the finance department. The payment will processed within two/three weeks from the submission of documents.

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