​​​Management Driven Professional Development​

The Institute for Education is invested in promoting high quality professional development for all educators. This scholastic year the IfE will continue to support schools in the planning of management driven professional development sessions (CoPE) which form part of the 25 hours planned by schools (see chart below).

Planning CoPE Sessions

Heads of Schools are advised that the following process applies when seeking experts from the IfE to deliver CoPE sessions. 

  1. Identify the areas that require professional development from the outcome of the school internal review. SLT members are encouraged to expose their educators to the Individual Professional Development Plan(IPDP). This can assist in the identification of possible personalised CPD areas educators prefer to follow.
  1. Plan the dates, time and grouping of educators. Choose from the List of Professional Learning Areas. It is suggested that each PD session planned should not cater for more than twenty-five (25) participants to enhance effectiveness. Parallel sessions can be planned and there can also be rotation of groups. Please note that grouping clearly depends on the operational needs and possibilities of the school and whether or not training is to be held online or face-to-face.
  1. Complete the Management Driven CoPE Sessions Request Form to indicate which area/s the school requires. Schools will be provided with the contact details of the speaker/s and are to contact them directly.
  1. If the area required is not found in the above list, schools are invited to contact the IfE on [email protected]or call Fiona Vassallo Medici, Senior Manager, School Professional Development, on 25983621.

Remuneration of Experts

Payment for sessions will be settled by MEYR. All sessions will be paid equally as follows:

  • €22 per hour of professional development which is non-accredited;
  • €30 per hour of professional development which is accredited at MQF Level 4 and 5;
  • €35 per hour of professional development which is accredited at MQF Level 6 and 7.

The expert delivering the session will complete the Remuneration Form and Attendance Sheet. These forms are to be completed on the day of the PD session and signed by the Head of School. The expert will send the original forms filled in blue ink to the Department of Finance, MEYR. This form is not applicable to those whose job description includes providing support in their area of work to educators. Please refer to the rates indicated above.

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