Circulars 2016

IfE 024 2016 Award in Planning Project based Learning in the Primary Classroom.pdf

IfE 023 2016 The Project Approach Seminars.pdf

IfE 022 2016 EoI Learning Programme Development Experts Course for Parents.pdf

IfE 021 2016 Letter Circular Course for Head of Schools.pdf

IfE 020 2016 Phase Session the role of the Head of Department.pdf

IfE 019 2016 Call for Expression of Interest for Practicum Visitors with the Institute for Education.pdf

                     Expression of interest for Practicum Visitors

IfE 018 2016 – Professional Development for Heads of School.pdf

IfE 017 2016 Online submission of applications for the Course Supporting Students with Individual Educational Needs.pdf

IfE 016 2016 Extension of deadline for submission of applications for the Adaptation Course and the Introductory Course.pdf

IfE 015 2016 Position of Senior Manager Quality Assurance with the Institute for Education.pdf

IfE 014 2016 Position of Manager Programme Development, Coordination and Implementation with the Institute for Education.pdf

IfE 013 Music Workshop for Parents and Children in Early Years.pdf

IfE 012 – Letter Circular Introductory Course.pdf

IfE 012 – Introductory course framework.pdf

IfE 011 – Framework.pdf

IfE 011 – Adaptation Course.pdf

IfE 010 – Erasmus.pdf

IfE 009 – Phase Sessions (previously known as Induction Courses).pdf

IfE 009 – Phase Courses 2nd round March till May.pdf

IfE 009 – Phase Courses 1st round October till January.pdf

IfE 008 – European Schoolnet Online Courses.pdf

IfE 007 – Letter Circular Learning Programme Development Experts.pdf

IfE 006 – Award in the Use of Tablets in Primary Classrooms.pdf

IfE 004 – Assessment for Learning Newsletter.pdf

IfE 003 – Professional Learning Sessions Catalogue 2016.pdf

IfE 002 – Move to New Premises – New Address and New Telephone Numbers.pdf

IfE 001 – In-Service Courses 2016.pdf

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