26th-28th April 2024

Two of our Lecturers, Dr. Angele Pulis and Dr. Michelle Panzavecchia, together with our School of Research Senior Manager Ms. Janice Darmanin had the opportunity to attend the 8th International Conference on Future of Teaching and Education, which took place between the 26-28 April in Madrid, Spain. Another of our lecturers, Dr. Amanda Bezzina presented a paper during the virtual presentation session of the event.  This conference served as an academic conversation and knowledge exchange over the three days of the event. ICFTE is where top academics in the field come together to share their findings, educate others, and gain valuable perspectives and feedback on their own work.

Dr. Angele Pulis presented her paper ‘Conducting Mixed Methods Research in Education:  Researchers’ Thoughts and Experiences.

Dr. Michelle Panzavecchia presented her paper ‘Beyond Borders: Unravelling Multilingual Tapestries – Maltese teachers’ identities, organic linguistic practices, and evolving pedagogies’.

Ms. Janice Darmanin presented her paper ‘In the Brain’s Playground. Unravelling Conation’s Role in the Development of Meaningful Learning Experiences in the Primary Classroom’.

Dr. Amanda Bezzina presented her paper ‘Finding Meaning in Life for Human Flourishing and Wellbeing: A Mixed-Method Research Exploring the Benefits, Possibilities and Challenges of The Journey Cards’.

Attending and presenting at the conference provided an invaluable opportunity to share findings, gain insights from others’ research, and establish meaningful connections within the academic community.

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3rd-5th April 2024

Author: Ms. Susanna Azzopardi – Institute for Education, Malta

Participating in an international eTwinning seminar with members from 16 countries was a privilege as an educator. This seminar was a unique opportunity to network and learn about different cultures.

The seminar had three keynotes, the first by Øzkan Güleryüz on the history of schools in Denmark, which set the tone by providing us with the background of the hosting country and making us think about the local scenario. The second keynote was presented by Dr Timothy Veale on Cultural Competences, which provided us with practical examples and challenges that resonated with me and made me think about the need for more awareness of integrating different communities in schools. The final keynote focused on the well-being of children and youth, presented by Søren Østergaard, who emphasised the importance of play and interaction among children and young adults, as opposed to individual digital play at home. My takeaway from these keynotes was the importance of historical context in education, making all students feel safe, heard and seen, and the need for children to play together to learn how to regulate emotions, build relationships, and become self-confident.

During the seminar, I participated in two workshops, one focused on the well-being of youth and the other on AI and education. The first workshop was an eye-opener on the struggles of teenagers, especially those who are constantly left alone without friends. The focus was on ‘Courage’ – Courage to care, Courage to say no, Courage to live. The second workshop was of particular interest to me as I am currently working on research on AI and Storytelling. The workshop provided me with a better understanding of how digital tools can be used to our advantage, both in planning and enhancing students’ engagement and interest in education.

The seminar also provided us with the opportunity to get acquainted with the traditions of other countries, especially during the International Fair. This was a fun activity where we could taste traditional food and drink from different countries and learn about their history and traditions.

Interacting with educators from various countries across Europe was crucial to create possibilities for networking and future collaborations. The final reflection session allowed me to obtain contacts for possible future collaboration with Berita Simonaitienė from Kaunas University of Technology in Lithuania and Stephanie Baeten from KdG University of Applied Sciences and Arts in Belgium.

My participation in the international eTwinning seminar was an enriching and eye-opening experience. It provided valuable insights into diverse educational practices and cultural perspectives. Overall, this experience has not only broadened my professional horizons but also reaffirmed my commitment to promoting inclusive and engaging educational practices.

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