Our Staff

The Chief Executive Officer

Ms Joanne Grima – CEO

The CEO is responsible for making major corporate decisions, managing the operations of the IfE and taking strategic decisions that lead to continuous overall growth. The CEO sets the vision, and together with the departments within the IfE, designs strategic plans and guides towards the implementation of actions to achieve the set objectives. The IfE aims to be proactive, providing professional development that is accessible, flexible, relevant and impactful on the children’s learning experience.

The Quality Assurance Department

Mr Anthony Satariano – Head Quality Assurance

The Quality Assurance Department plays a crucial role in the development, monitoring and reporting of quality across the IfE.

The main functions of the QA department are the following:

  • To ensure that expectations of stakeholders with regard to the courses offered and the achievements and capabilities of participants are adhered to
  • To provide assurance of the standards of the courses provided and the quality of the learning experience
  • To identify good practices and establishes structures for the continuous improvement in the quality of provision
  • To provide assistance with regard to all quality assurance-related procedures within the IfE and the systematic development, monitoring and revision of such procedures.

For any queries related to Quality Assurance, please send an email to: [email protected]. For any queries related to Data Protection, please send an email to: [email protected]. For any queries related to Freedom of Information, please send an email to: [email protected].

The Programmes Department

Mr John Spiteri Maempel – Head of Programmes

Mr James Sultana – Education Officer Training and Development

Ms Ann-Marie D’Amato – Senior Manager Programme Development and Review

Mr John Paul Muscat – Manager

Mr Dominic Camilleri – Administrative Officer

The Programmes Department is responsible for the development and implementation of training programmes and support offered by the IfE. The main functions of the department are to:

Lead the development, implementation and internal review of training programmes;

Provide guidance in relation to programme accreditation and review processes;

Communicate with key experts and stakeholders to ensure that all programmes are current, relevant and cater towards the training needs of the education sector;

Ensure that workplace training meets requirements and is aligned to intended learning outcomes;

Identify technological and academic resources that support teaching and learning;

Support lecturers and trainers with regard to the delivery and assessment of programmes.

For any queries related to Programmes, please send an email to: [email protected].

The Admissions Department

Ms Christine Grech – Head of Admissions

Ms Graziella Bugeja – Manager Student Affairs

Ms Kimberly Anne Cini – Administrative Officer

The Admissions Department is responsible for:

  • The publication of the annual prospectus;
  • Assessing the eligibility of applicants;
  • Processing of formal requests presented by course participants;
  • The drafting of policies, guidelines and procedures as well as the safekeeping of up- to-date participants’ records;
  • Ensuring that all course participants are offered the best possible experience while pursuing their studies;
  • Offering emotional and wellbeing support;
  • Welcoming new ideas and suggestions that could benefit the entire IfE community.

For any queries related to Admissions, please send an email to: [email protected]. For any queries related to BlockCerts, please send an email to: [email protected]

The Lecturers

Dr Amanda Bezzina – Lecturer

Dr Angele Pulis – Lecturer

Mr Oswald Tanti Rigos – Lecturer

Mr Mario Mallia– Lecturer

Dr Loredana Muscat– Lecturer

Dr Michelle Panzavecchia– Lecturer

Ms Susanna Azzopardi – Lecturer

Mr Edward Wright – Lecturer

Dr Philp Borg – Lecturer

The lecturers are responsible for:

  • Teaching/lecturing (face-to-face, synchronous and asynchronous) and providing online support to course participants;
  • Assessment planning including appropriate rubrics as approved by the IfE and providing assessment and feedback to learners;
  • Delivering tutorials, In-Class co-teaching tutoring, mentoring/coaching, providing professional development as required, acting as Internal Verifiers, RPL Assessors, Practicum visitors, and Dissertation supervisors and assessors;
  • Administrative, academic and pedagogical duties including the timely submission of all course documentation as required for the respective course and full support to the internal and external verification process;
  • Monitoring and reviewing of course participants’ performance; Developing programmes;
  • Evaluating, reviewing and revising programmes and participating in quality assurance processes;
  • Conducting action research and writing peer-reviewed papers for publishing; Co-ordinating subjects/areas within their area of expertise or related;
  • Sitting on boards that require their expertise.

The Course Co-ordination Department

Ms Fiona Vassallo Medici – Senior Manager Course Coordination and Schools Professional Development

Mr Nick Agius – Course Co-ordinator

Mr Anthony Attard – Course Co-ordinator

Mr Simon Grech – Course Co-ordinator

Mr Robert Grech – Course Co-ordinator

Mr Noel Harmsworth – Course Co-ordinator

Ms Graziella Pullicino – Course Co-ordinator

Mr Bernardo Riolo – Course Co-ordinator

Ms Stephanie Zammit Dimech – Course Co-ordinator

The Course Coordination Department is responsible for the time-tabling and administration of all accredited and non-accredited courses delivered at the IfE.

The main functions of the department are:

  • Planning the academic year and overseeing the delivery of all programmes offered by the IfE;
  • Assisting course participants and lecturers ensuring adherence to the IfE’s policies and procedures;
  • Ensuring that lecturers are supported during the delivery of their sessions.
  •  These may take the format of face-to-face sessions at the IfE premises or online live synchronous or asynchronous sessions via the IfE portal;
  • Maintaining records of programmes including the collection of feedback and publication of results.

The Research and Development Department

Ms Christine Fenech – Senior Manager Research and Development

Ms Janice Darmanin – Senior Manager School of Research

Ms Eralba Likkola – Administrative Officer

Mr Ikenna Sampson Onyenu – Administrative Officer

The Research and Development Department aims at supporting educators and stakeholders by analysing the challenges schools are facing to inform teaching, training, policy and practice.

The Research and Development Department is responsible for research ethics and the dissertation module of IfE’s qualifications. Through the organisation of an annual Symposium and the publication of the Malta Journal of Education, it also seeks to give young and established researchers an opportunity to present their findings to inform policy and practice and serve as a resource for educators. The department is also responsible for EU projects to gain insight into international best practices.

For any queries related to Research, please send an email to: [email protected].

For any queries related to Dissertations, please send an email to: [email protected].

For any queries related to Ethics, please send an email to: [email protected]

The Administration Department

Ms Deborah Seychell – Senior Manager Administration

Ms Georgette Sperandeo – Manager Facilities

Mr Gregory Maggi – Manager Marketing

Ms Anna Camilleri – Assistant Principal

The Administration Department is responsible for ensuring the smooth day to day running of the IfE and act as the link between the IfE’s various departments. The department also acts as the primary contact with external stakeholders by organising events such as open days, press conferences, and graduation ceremonies. The department is also tasked with issuing circulars and coordinate with the marketing team to ensure that course participants are always informed about the latest updates. One of the main aims of the Administration Department is to help in achieving a better and more sustainable future for all whilst also protecting our planet; thus, the department is also working towards becoming a green oriented hub.

For any general queries, please send an email to: [email protected]. For any queries related to Procurement, please send an email to: [email protected]

The Human Resources Department

Ms Nadine Genovese – Manager Human Resources

Mr Bradley Dutton – Administrative Officer

The Human Resources Department provides overall policy direction on human resource management and administrative support to the management of employees. It is responsible for administering contracts and agreements, issuing engagement letters for service providers, carrying out measures concerning labour legislation, and managing the employee life cycle and wellbeing. It supports employees with everyday issues, training, guidance, or career progression; gives advice to the organisation and supports the development and financing of its training plan; promotes healthy relationships between staff and management through mediation; collects and analyses employee data; negotiates/follows-up on actions, agreements, settlements with external parties; analyses compensation and other competitive data and prepares budgets.

For any queries related to Human Resources, please send an email to: [email protected]

The Information and Technology Department

Mr Geoffrey E. Tanti – Senior Manager IT

Mr Gerald Giordmaina – Manager System Administrator

The information technology department is responsible for the architecture, hardware, software and networking of computers. This department ensures that employees have full access to the computer systems. The IT department is mainly responsible for:

  • Performing website updates;
  • Offering technical support to both employees and clients;
  • Liaising with service providers;
  • Devising new ways of improving processes.

Updates on the IfE’s website are done in a timely manner in order to provide the latest information to all concerned in the least possible time. Technical support is provided to all users both physically and remotely whenever the need arises for proper job continuity. Clients are also supported to the best of our ability when they have queries on the usage of the Learning Management System (LMS).

For any queries related to IT, please send an email to: [email protected]

The Finance Department

Mr John Trapani – Head of Finance

Ms Leeanne Farrugia – Senior Administrative Officer

The Finance department is in charge of all financial matters of the IfE. Amongst the functions of the department, one finds:

  • Maintenance of the IfE’s accounting records;
  • Confirmation of availability of funds prior to issuing purchase orders;
  • Payment of suppliers and service providers;
  • Payroll; Preparation of financial reporting required by the IfE’s stakeholders;
  • Liaison with financial auditors.

For any queries related to Finance, please send an email to: [email protected].

Work Integrated Learning Department

Ms Angelique Grech – Senior Manager Work Integrated Learning

Ms Marisa Schembri – Assistant Principal

Ms Lorraine Sultana –  Administrative Officer

The Work Integrated Learning Department is responsible for the Micro-Placement and Teaching Practice Placements. Its main functions include:

  • Lead the development, implementation and internal review of work-integrated learning initiatives;
  • Seek entrepreneurial opportunities to enhance Work Integrated Learning;
  • Build collaborative relations with community partners, employers, and alumni to promote the value of work integrated learning and experiential learning;
  • Collaborate with external institutions to provide further work-integrated learning and experiential-learning opportunities and scaffolds for course participants;
  • Provide information, advice and high-level administrative support for work-integrated learning ensuring compliance with IfE policies and procedures;
  • Organise briefing sessions, workshops, seminars and industry events for targeted Course participants enrolled in Work Integrated Learning;
  • Comply with quality assurance, in line with requirements under the IfE’s risk management framework including OHSA, legislation, statutes, regulations and policies;
  • Manage the Micro-Placement initiatives available at the IfE; · Co-ordinate the Experiential Learning Board;
  • Inform students about Micro-Placement;
  • Co-ordinate the Teaching Practice Placements;
  • Inform course participants about their Teaching Practice Placements.

For any queries related to WIL, please send an email to: [email protected].


Mr Steve Calleja – Senior Manager Procurement

The Procurement Department is responsible and oversees the procurement processes of the IfE which include the acquiring of goods, services and works from outside suppliers. These processes are critical to the IfE’s operations and initiatives, ensuring the timely and efficient provision of necessary resources vital for the IfE’s functioning and advancement.

To reduce costs and increase efficiency, the IfE uses various methods of procurement procedures, with the open procedure being the most frequently used.  All procurement procedures at the IfE are aligned with the Public Procurement Regulations SL 601.03.


In this section you can find some statistics from HR regarding employees, retention, and gender percentages.

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