Research Week 2024

Event Overview

The Institute for Education (IfE) organised its 3rd Education Research Week dedicated to dissertations carried out by its graduates during academic year 2022/2023 or research projects undertaken by IfE staff. The IfE wishes to celebrate their achievement and give their research the visibility it deserves. We hope that the recommendations emanating from the research will prove fruitful in instilling a constructive debate on the further development of the education sector in Malta.


The Education Research We​ek will be held from 5th – 9th February 2024 during LIVE chats on the Institute for Education’s Facebook page with each day being dedicated to a different theme to give the diversity of research conducted by our IfE graduates and staff adequate visibility. These live chats will be held daily from 18:00 to 19:30. To access the Institute for Education’s Facebook page click here.

The themes this year will be:

Monday 5th February 2024  – Pedagogical Revelations

Tuesday 6th February 2024 – Innovative Teaching

Wednesday 7th February 2024 – Leadership Today

Thursday 8th February 2024 – Spiritual Wellbeing

Friday 9th February 2024 – Teaching as a Career

Malta Journal of Education

The third issue of the Malta Journal of Education was dedicated to Education Research 2023. It showcases the research carried out by graduates having completed their Bachelor and Master Degrees at the Institute for Education as well as research carried by IfE staff members. You may access the individual articles by clicking here​.

Editorial Board

The members of the Selection and Editorial Board:

  • Christine Fenech

  • Susanna Azzopardi

  • Dr Edward Wright

  • Janice Darmanin

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