Why choose the Institute for Education?

Why choose the
Institute for Education?

The Institute welcomes all individuals who are interested in contributing towards the development of education by encouraging educators to explore fresh approaches towards their professional growth. Such educators drive positive change and explore methodologies aimed at increasing impact on the student’s learning experience. Course participants at the Institute for Education also have the opportunity to reflect on learning, set goals, provide evidence of learning, give and receive feedback, analyse performances, and improve practice through self-assessment. Through these instruments the Institute adopts a learner-centred approach for its course participants, who will eventually become future educators who will embrace this philosophy within their classrooms.

Our Motto:
‘Inspiring and Fostering Educators’ passion for learning’

IfE offers accredited programmes at MQF levels 4 – 7, which are targeted at individuals who are interested in pursuing a career in education. These programmes offer a different learning experience to course participants as they are delivery through a mixture of face-to-face sessions, online and blended teaching approaches.

Through its online platform, the Institute also offers an online library which is composed of EBSCO, ProQuest and Sage. All these give access to books, journals and articles and other academic documentation. On-site the Institute also has a library which is readily available to course participants.

The Institute prides itself of an environment which is conducive to learning through its supportive policy and procedures. The programmes offered by the Institute are designed in a manner which give an added value to individuals who are passionate about children’s learning and the education sector.

Prospective students are to note that the Teaching Profession is regulated, therefore access to the profession is granted by a warrant which is issued by the Council for the Teaching Profession.
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