Master in Applied Educational Leadership

Master in Applied Educational Leadership (Top-Up)

MQF Level: 7

ECTS Value: 30 ECTS

​​Start Date: September

Duration: 1 Years (Part-time)

Programme Description

This top-up programme offers graduates of the Institute for Education’s Postgraduate Diploma in Applied Educational Leadership, the opportunity to further their studies and obtain a Master in Applied Educational Leadership. Within this top-up qualification, participants will work on a research component relevant to their professional practice. Under the guidance of a supervisor, participants will be supported through workshops and tutorials in order to assist them to critically evaluate appropriate literature in the respective field, apply appropriate research methodology and critically interpret results and the contribution of one’s research to the growing body of knowledge and projects pertaining to educational leadership. 

Entry Requirements

Applicants are required to be in possession of the following:

1. An MQF Level 7 Postgraduate Diploma in Applied Educational Leadership (MQF 7, 60 ECTS) awarded by the Institute for Education within the last five (5) years with an average of 65% or higher;


2. A Research Proposal approved by the Dissertation Board.

Conditions for Admission
i. Applicants are to submit a research proposal as part of their application on the IfE Portal.
ii. Acceptance on the programme is subject to the submitted Research Proposal meeting the requirements and approval of the Dissertation Board. Should the proposal not be accepted applicants would need to re-apply with the following intake.
iii. Acceptance on the programme is subject to the availability of a supervisor.
iv. Past course participants whose studies were terminated by the Institute for Education or who have previously failed the Dissertation component on the IfE’s Master in Applied Educational Leadership programme are not eligible to apply.

Course Outline

First Year

Code Description Credits
Research Component

Overall Objectives and Outcomes

  1. Identify and critically appraise the theoretical, scientific and/or empirical knowledge appropriate for the study;  
  2. Determine the contextual framework for the research;
  3. Demonstrates critical knowledge of theoretical and evidence based practices within the field of educational leadership and management;
  4. Identify and appreciate ethical and social issues within the field of educational leadership research;
  5. Demonstate a critical and anlytical approach towards indepth knowledge of the specific subject matter;
  6. Design a research project related to a pedagogical and/or educational theme;
  7. Adapt appropriate research methods to the field of study; 
  8. Formulate methods of collecting, manipulating and analysing data;
  9. Compare and critically reflect on research findings and triangulate these findings with published literature;
  10. Create a hypthotesis and establish the correct tools to test it.

Mode of Delivery

Each student will be mentored and provided with continuous feedback from and supported by their dissertation supervisor with whom they are entitled to a minimum of six one-to-one meetings.  

Assessment Methods

This module shall be assessed through one of the following:

  1. Dissertation (100%) of 23,000 -27,000 words; or
  2. Project-based dissertation including 400-500 hours dedicated to the said project together research write-up of 10,000-15,000 words.

    Students may also be asked to attend a follow-up viva voce. 


Upon successful completion of this programme, course participants will be conferred a Master in Applied Educational Leadership (Top-Up) recognised by the Malta Further and Higher Education Authority.

Further Career and Learning Opportunities

This course serves as part of the requirements to apply for the position of Head of School in the compulsory education sector. It may also provide access to further studies at MQF Level.


When open, interested applicants may apply through the Institute for Education’s online portal: 

For any queries related to the Admissions process kindly contact [email protected]​​​

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