Human Resources

Human Resources Department

The Human Resources Department provides overall policy direction on human resource management matters and administrative support to the management of employees. It is responsible for managing the employee life cycle and wellbeing, together with the monitoring and issuing of contracts and engagement letters for service providers. It is here to support employees with everyday issues or with career progression.

FHRD – HR Quality Mark

In May 2022, the Institute obtained the FHRD – HR Quality Mark. This was achieved after an HR Audit, took place in April 2022. The HR Quality Mark recognises organisations for their effective HR practices. The HR audit looked into the following policies and strategies which the Institute follows:

· HR Policies and Practices

· Recruitment, Selection and Talent Management

· Compensation, Benefits and Total Rewards

· Employment and Industrial Relations

· Performance Management

· HR Information Systems

· People Training and Development

Working at the Institute for Education

Here are some comments from IfE staff about their experience on working at the Institute:

  • The employer is valued
  • Great people and great opportunities
  • Job security
  • Professional development and investment of time in us is encouraged
  • We consistently go above and beyond what is expected from us because work is performed with passion

Our Philosophy

Below are comments from various staff on their take on our values.


As a team we grow together promoting a sense of belonging and providing equal opportunities to ensure all feel supported whilst working towards common goals The sense of teamwork can be strongly felt at IfE. You feel supported and you get the feeling that all working towards the same aims and goals. At IFE, I feel that I do not work alone but with a great team ready to help me develop my ideas and my projects.


We practice an honest and open exchange of ideas in an environment where positive encouragement serves as the basis of our communication. At IfE one feels that any communication is acknowledged and given its due importance. One feels listened too. I feel safe to communicate my views and ideas at IFE because I know that they are taken into consideration.


We enable our employees and learners to explore their potential, take initiative and be accountable for the benefit of everyone’s educational journey. Whilst one is made aware of one’s obligations and accountability to senior members of staff, IfE employees are encouraged to be independent and act on one’s initiative. The well organised institution helps me to be accountable and to be professional in my daily work.


We encourage, support, and empower the community to achieve personal and collective growth. Personal and collective achievements are acknowledged and celebrated at IfE. I feel that I am growing holistically – personally, socially and vocational.


We work without boundaries and are open to finding diverse and unexpected solutions to challenges at the workplace. The sense of adaptability is one of the IfE’s strongest qualities – this enables the employees at IfE to work at their fullest potential without unnecessary constraints.


We believe in creating an environment where everyone is valued according to their individual potential for their holistic development. I believe there is a sense of fairness and equal opportunities at IfE Equity is central at IFE. Communication, empathy and understanding help me to feel respected and valued

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