Hey 6th Formers!

Ready to explore the world of education and how you can transfer this into a rewarding teaching career?

If your answer is YES, then look further down below! 👇

✨ At the Institute for Education, we get that this is your time to explore your interests and navigate through your studies whilst planning your next step.

⏰ Probably you find the thought of studying, working and leisure time appealing but impossible.

Well… we have that sorted out!

👎 Tired of sitting for exams? 🙁

Here at the IfE, we do not use exams. We want to ensure that you are assessed through a range of assessment tools that  are reliable, relevant and engagaing.

When studying with us, you will have your mind at rest that you are truly being assessed on your abilities.


🔎 Want to learn more? 🙂

Click here to view our Bachelor of Education (Hons) courses.

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