MQF Level: 6

ECTS Value: 3 ECTS

Self Study Hours: 24

Contact Hours: 15

Assessment Hours: 36


Overall Objectives and Outcomes

The module will be used to prepare prospective teachers for the real classroom setting (Brent & Thomson, 1996) and train them to experiment with main teacher behaviours. Lectures will be completely hands-on and practical in nature where the microteaching cycle will be employed. Prospective teachers will plan lessons on a given topic; implement the lesson by teaching it whilst recording themselves; use self and peer assessment; reteach or reimplement the skills discussed and provide feedback to oneself and others.

By the end of this programme, participants should be able to:


a. Collaborate with peers;

b. Create lessons on a given topic;

c. Execute the lesson whilst recording themselves.


a. Devise a proper lesson plan;

b. Identify the teaching strategies and resources needed to teach the lesson.


a. Prepare a lesson plan with all the appropriate outcomes, strategies, resources and assessment techniques;

b. Practise the teaching strategies listed in their lesson plan in a classroom set-up;

c. Design the relevant resources.

Assessment Methods

This module will be assessed through: Practical and Reflective Tasks.

Suggested Readings

Core Reading List

Chapters from:

    1. Brunn, P. (2010). The Lesson Planning Handbook: Essential strategies that inspire student thinking & learning. London: Scholastic.
    2. Calleja, C. (2005). Some instructional and classroom management strategies Differentiating instruction in the primary classroom Malta: MEYE
    3. Partin, R. L. (2009). The classroom teacher’s survival guide: Practical strategies, management techniques and reproducibles for new and experienced teachers (3rd Ed.). San Francisco: Jossey Bass.
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