Award: Introductory Course for Supply Teachers

MQF Level: 6

ECTS Value: 15 ECTS

Self Study Hours: 30

Duration: 16 Sessions

Practice Hours: 170

Contact Hours: 40

Assessment Hours: 50


Programme Description

This introductory course is intended for supply teachers already in employment without a teaching qualification. This programme aims to provide a foundation in the necessary knowledge, skills and competences to facilitate the learning process of their students and to effectively create a positive learning environment.

Entry Requirements

Applicants are to be engaged as a Supply Teachers and currently teaching in a licensed school.

Overall Objectives and Outcomes

The objectives of this short programme are for participants to be able to: 

a) Employ assessment for learning strategies within their teaching; 

b) Support and assess learners in their learning; 

c) Manage learners’ behaviour utilising effective classroom strategies; 

d) Foster a secure and positive environment conducive to learning; 

e) Coordinate classroom resources and space.

Course Outline

Mode of Delivery

This module adopts an blended approach to teaching and learning. Information related to the structure and delivery of the module may be accessed through the IfE Portal. For further details, kindly refer to the Teaching, Learning and Assessment Policy and Procedures found on the Institute for Education’s website.


Upon successful completion of this module, course participants will be conferred an accredited certification. 

Further Learning Opportunities and Career Progression

This programme is part of the requirements of the MOU 2009 agreement between MUT and the Government of Malta with regard to the training of supply teachers. Upon successful completion of this programme, course participants may use this certification to apply for Recognition of Prior Learning for accredited programmes.

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