Modules Offered by Partner Institutions

The Institute for Education offers educators the opportunity to benefit from the expertise of its partnered institutions within a variety of areas within the educational sphere.

Programmes delivered and awarded by the University of Helsinki currently on offer include:
Psychology of Development and Learning (EQF 6, 5 ECTS)

Broad-based Competencies and Phenomenon-based Projects (EQF 6, 5 ECTS)​

Educational Psychology as an Engine for Change (EQF 7, 5 ECTS)


Upon successful completion of these study-unit, course participants will be conferred a certification by the University of Helsinki.

Further Learning Opportunities and Career Progression

Upon successful completion of this module, course participants may use certification conferred to apply for Recognition of Prior Learning for accredited programmes. Local teachers may also use this certification in their application for accelerated progression.

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