5th Annual Symposium 2024

Themes / ​Paper Proposals

Artificial Intelligence has impacted teaching and learning at all levels of education. It has raised concerns about academic integrity and, closely linked, the validity, reliability, and relevance of traditional forms of assessment. One response to this development has been the initiative by plagiarism detection software companies to improve the detection of content likely developed by artificial intelligence. At the same time, artificial intelligence has triggered discussions about assessment strategies in general. An area that deserves further attention, however, is the potential opportunities of artificial intelligence in the teaching and learning process. As is the case in any technological development, both threats as well as opportunities may be reaped from it. The symposium seeks to provide a platform to investigate both aspects of artificial intelligence – the potential negative impact of and response to artificial intelligence as well its potential opportunities for teaching and learning.

Proposals will be received until 1st December 2023. Please find the call for papers here.

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