Health and Safety in the Early Years

MQF Level: 3

Contact Hours: 20

Self Study Hours: 48

Assessment Hours: 36


Module Description

Course participants are made aware of basic regulations, policies and procedures aimed at ensuring the health, safety, and security of children. Participants are also taught how to follow such regulations and minimise any risks to the children’s health, safety, and security.

Overall Objectives and Outcomes

By the end of this module, the learner will be able to:


a. Maintain a healthy, safe, and secure environment;
b. Identify possible threats that may harm children or adults;
c. Understand and follow pertinent health and safety requirements as listed in policy documents;
d. Recognize the basic signs and symptoms of childhood health problems, such as illnesses and allergies.


a. Explain the sterilisation and sanitization processes of specific equipment;
b. Indicate practices that help to prevent and control infection;
c. Describe set procedures in response to situations involving accidents and injuries;
d. Identify the symptoms of common childhood illnesses and allergies;
e. Name the contents of the First Aid Box;
f. State health requirements and dietary needs of each child;
g. Follow good hygiene practices and standard emergency procedures in their centre;
h. Implement appropriate manual handling of children (e.g. lifting and carrying) and safe sleep practices.


a. Implement the requirements set by national regulations with regard to Health and Safety;
b. Manually correctly handle children;
c. Regularly check indoor and outdoor areas and report hazards;
d. Record accidents and incidents;
e. Follow established emergency procedures for accidents, injuries, illnesses, and other emergencies;
f. Maintain up-to-date information about the health and dietary needs of children.

Mode of Delivery

This module adopts a blended approach to teaching and learning. Information related to the structure and delivery of the module may be accessed through the IfE Portal. For further details, kindly refer to the Teaching, Learning and Assessment Policy and Procedures found on the Institute for Education’s website. 

Assessment Methods

This module will be assessed through: Practical Assignment

Suggested Readings

1. Parker, L. (2013). How to keep young children safe. 

2. Parker, L. (2013). How to avoid illness and infection. 

3. Parker, L., & Parker, L. (2017). The early years health and safety handbook. 

4. Laverty, B., & Reay, C. (2014). Health and safety in early years and childcare. Jessica Kingsley Publishers.

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