Awards in Educational Neuroscience

MQF Level: 6

ECTS Value: 10 ECTS

Duration: 20 Sessions

Contact Hours: 50

Self Study Hours: 130

Assessment Hours: 70


Programme Description

Through this programme, participants will be given the opportunity to develop their understanding of ways in which cognitive neuroscience can inform their decisions to further improve the educational and learning experience. The programme will introduce participants to concepts of genetics and brain science. Participants will explore various processes in the brain including executive functioning, attention, working memory, and the retrieval and transfer of knowledge. In doing so, they will analyse and interpret several studies related to cognition and learning to infer changes to better support learners. Following this, participants will observe cognitive and language development from the early stages of life up to adolescence and adulthood including typical and atypical development. In turn, this will lead to further research on the application of neuroscience to classroom practice and how various studies have shown how to harness this development and direct it to improve learning.

Entry Requirements

Applicants interested in following this programme are to satisfy one of the minimum eligibility criteria: 

1. An awarded MATSEC Certificate at MQF Level 4, or equivalent; OR 

2. A full MQF Level 4 qualification preferably in the area of Education with a minimum of 120 ECTS, or equivalent; OR 

3. An MQF Level 5 Certificate in Facilitating Inclusive Education with a minimum of 30 ECTS.

Overall Objectives and Outcomes

By the end of this module, the learner will be able to:

a) Broaden their understanding on current research in educational neuroscience;
b) Demonstrate a link between genetics and brain development;
c) Understand ways in which knowledge of cognitive neuroscience can be used to inform decisions about education and learning;
d) Better support typical and atypical development and identify implications for the classroom from developmental cognition research.

Course Outline

Mode of Delivery

This module adopts an blended approach to teaching and learning. Information related to the structure and delivery of the module may be accessed through the IfE Portal. For further details, kindly refer to the Teaching, Learning and Assessment Policy and Procedures found on the Institute for Education’s website.


Upon successful completion of this module, course participants will be conferred an accredited certification. 

Further Learning Opportunities and Career Progression

Upon successful completion of this module, course participants may use certification conferred to apply for Recognition of Prior Learning for accredited programme. Teachers may also use this certification in their application for accelerated progression.

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