Social Studies for the Primary Classroom

ECTS Value: 4 ECTS


Overall Objectives and Outcomes

Throughout this module the learner will be provided with the rationale of the Social Studies Primary Syllabus and the context of Social Studies within the wider sphere of the Primary Syllabi. Subject content covered will include the main Historical eras of the Maltese history, the main Geographical aspects of the Maltese islands and basic civics. This will be aimed at educators, and their young audience.

By the end of this programme, participants should be able to:


a. Extend and apply knowledge of the Social Studies syllabus to students’ life; 
b. Initiate projects to be used during the Social Studies lessons; 
c. Systematically understand key aspects of the Social Studies Primary Syllabus.



a. Define the Basic Geographical aspects of the Malta as a Mediterranean island;
b. Identify Basic Historical events of the Maltese history within the Euro-Mediterranean region;
c. Describe Basic Civics and sociological aspects of Malta as a multicultural society.



a. Associate projects and fieldworks to the Social Studies syllabus;
b. Apply knowledge to students’ everyday life;
c. Comment on topics regarding the three aspects of Social Studies.


Assessment Methods

This programme adopts continuous and summative methods of assessment including assignments, online tasks, reflective journals, projects and video presentations. For further details, kindly refer to the Teaching, Learning and Assessment Policy and Procedures.

Suggested Readings

Core Reading List

1. Briguglio, B. and Brown, M. (Eds) (2016). Sociology of the Maltese Islands. Malta: Agenda.
2. Said Zammit G Ed. (2012). Environmental Education: Malta and beyond. Malta: Miller Publishing.

Supplementary Reading List

1. Frendo H, Friggieri O Ed. (1994). Malta Culture and Identity. Malta, Ministry of Youth and Arts.
2. Cutajar T. (2012) Dawra ma’ Malta. BDL
3. Chircop B. (2011) Nifhmu l-Genn tas-Socjeta. BDL
4. Cucciardi M., Debattista A (2012) Imriezaq BDL

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