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Key Action: KA210-ADU – Small-scale partnerships in adult education

Start Date: 01/09/2023

Duration: 24 months

The partners forming part of this Erasmus+ Project are: 

    • Aġenzija Sapport (coordinator), Malta
    • Igor Vitale International srl, Italy
    • Institute for Education, Malta
    • Women’s Rights Foundation, Malta

The main objectives of this two year project are to:

    • Fill in the knowledge gap,
    • Enhance the competence and motivation of sexual health professionals in the field of disability,
    • Improved assistance for persons with disability,
    • Improved capacity in dealing with behaviours of concern of a sexual nature,
    • Improved lives of persons with disability,
    • A further step toward inclusivity.

The Institute for Education’s role in this project is to guide and facilitate the creation of an accredited training course. This will ensure the project has longevity even after the end of the project. The project will be retained on the Insitute’s prospectus and can be redelivered as and when necessary as part of the continuous professional development programmes. Furthermore, it will ensure a ripple effect onto mainstream education as post project the course will also be open to teachers. The formal training that will be created will start to dispel taboos and pre-conceived ideas that they may have towards sex in connection with disability. The training program that will be created will give them the tools that they need to explore when it comes to issues related to sexuality with their clients. Hence the project provides a holistic structure that will ultimately benefit persons with disability and bring them closer to the community and towards inclusivity.

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