Admission Forms

Leave of Absence Form: A course participant undertaking a long course at the Institute for Education can request a leave of absence for serious illness, or for personal reasons. 

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) (Formal) Application ​Form​: This form will enable you to provide information about yourself and request for Recognition of Prior Learning (Certified) in order to gain credit against a particular module/s.

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) (Informal/Non-formal) – Application Form: This form will enable you to provide information about yourself and request for RPL and experience in order to gain credit for that experience against a particular module/s.

Revision of Paper:​ This application is to be used to submit a request for revision of paper in cases where you do not agree with the grade given in your assessment. It is to be noted that you should resort to this mechanism in order to ascertain that no error was made in the award of marks.

Extenuating Circumstances Form: The Institute recognises that course participants may suffer from a sudden illness or other serious and unforeseen event or set of circumstances which adversely affects their ability to complete an assessment or the results they obtain for an assessment. In such cases course participants can apply for extenuating circumstances. 

Appeals Form: The Institute recognises that there may be occasions when individuals may consider that they have grounds to appeal against a decision.

Complaints Form: This form enables course participants to raise any problems or issues about teaching-related or service-related provision.

Request for Academic Records / Europass Diploma Supplement / Official Certificates​: Course Participants can use this form to request Unofficial Academic Records for ongoing Qualifications, Europass Diploma Supplement, Official Certificates as well as Official Academic Records for Stand-alone Modules completed with the Institute for Education. 

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