The Courses Offered

Where can I find information on the courses being offered by the Institute for Education?

A list of Current Open Applications is available through the IfE website. You may also access the latest IfE Prospectus that has the full range of courses offered throughout the academic year.

When will my lectures be?

Sessions for Master Programmes are usually held twice a week while Bachelor Programmes are held on average three times a week. Days of the week are not fixed and may differ from one week to the other and there might also be lectures held on a Saturday.

At what time will my lectures be?

Lectures and training sessions are generally held between 15:30 and 18:15 including a 15-minute break. In some cases, sessions may be held at a different time though our staff do their best to always advise you in advance.

Where will my lectures be?

Face-to-face lectures can take place physically at the IfE premises in Pembroke or at one of our authorised workshops/venues located off-site. Alternatively, online lectures will take place through the online learning platform accessible through the IfE Portal.

What is blended-learning?

Blended-learning consists of both face-to-face and online training sessions. This generally adopts a flipped-classroom approach; whereby learners can engage with material online at their own time and pace while reserving face-to-face workshops or online synchronous sessions for deeper discussion and practice.

What does online learning involve?              

Online learning is adopted across all courses offered by the Institute for Education. These sessions are held on the Institute for Education’s portal and may be delivered synchronously (live online lectures) through Blackboard Collaborate or asynchronously (pre-recorded lectures) whereby students may access material at their own time and pace.

At what point will I access my timetable?

Once the tuition fees are settled, you are enrolled onto the course and then you will have access to the IfE Portal.  Timetables will then be communicated before the commencement of the course and accessed on the IfE Portal through My Schedule. In some cases, timetables for Awards may be communicated in the applications circulars which are also accessible on the IfE website.

The Applicatio​n Process

How can I know whether I am eligible to apply for a course or otherwise?

Prior to submitting an application for enrolment, you are encouraged to read through the General Entry Requirements of the respective courses, as outlined in the IfE prospectus.  In case of any queries related to the eligibility criteria, applicants may contact the Institute for Education on [email protected] or tel: 25982026/2036/2037. It is however to be noted that all applications are assessed for eligibility by the Admissions Board, and therefore it will not be possible to obtain confirmation of eligibility through the abovementioned email address.

When can I apply for the courses offered by the Institute for Education?

Applications generally open in May. These are publicised through the IfE website, social media, as well as through the dissemination of circulars. Current open applications are accessible through the following link.  Course applications are received on a first come first saved basis, through the IfE portal, during an indicated time-window. When applying for qualification programmes, it is encouraged that you log into the portal on the first day of applications as announced by the IfE in order to avoid any disappointment.

How do I apply for a course?

Applications for course participants are only available online through the IfE Portal. You need to register on the portal as part of the application process. Please view this short clip for further details on how to apply for a course.

How do I register for log-in credentials on the IfE Portal?

To apply  for log-in credentials you would require an email account, thus when hitting the ‘Apply’ button on the IfE Courses Page, a page would show asking you to either log in or create a new account. If you are accessing the IfE’s portal for the first time, creating an account would be necessary before proceeding with the application. Further details on how to create an account can be found in the following video link.

Can I apply for a course through the Maturity Clause?

The IfE welcomes applications from mature students that apart from the eligibility requirements requested under a specific course are:

    • In possession of a School Leaving Certificate; AND
    • Have on the date of application: 

i) Attained the age of 23 for entry to courses at MQF Level 5 or higher, or
ii) Attained the age of 21 for the entry to courses at MQF Level 4 

It is to be noted that the Maturity Clause is only applicable to short courses of more than 6 ECTS as well as full qualifications.  The Maturity Clause is however not applicable for applicants under the Master Programmes offered by the Institute for Education.

Applicants who apply under the maturity clause will be requested to demonstrate academic potential and adequate academic relevant knowledge as well as workplace experience.

The suitability of applicants will be assessed through an interview, during which applicants will be requested to present a portfolio.  Following the selection interview, the Admissions Board may request candidates to undertake additional studies as a condition for their acceptance.

Further details on the applicability of the maturity clause may be found under the Admission Regulations.

I have attended several formal/informal/non-formal learning opportunities which I believe are directly linked to the IfE course for which I intend to enrol.  Is it possible to use these credits and avoid duplication of previous learning?

Recognition of prior learning (RPL) is a formalised process well accepted by the IfE. A detailed procedure is explained under the Recognition of Prior Learning Policy and Procedures.  It is to be noted that only qualifications and experience acquired within ten years of the date of a RPL claim will be considered by the Institute for Education.

It important to note that RPL requests are only processed if they have been sent within the deadline stipulated in the RPL policy and procedures.

What happens to my application if the maximum course capacity has been exceeded?

If you do not manage to secure a spot in the desired course, you will be put on a waiting list.  In the event of any drop-out applications, prior to the commencement of the course, the IfE will contact those on the waiting list in an orderly manner.

For each given academic year fresh applications are to be submitted.  

How will I know that my application has been duly processed?

Once an application has been submitted, a system generated automated email will be sent to the email address used throughout the registration. This email notification is only a confirmation of receipt of application and should not be considered as an enrolment in a course/ programme.

The Admissions Board would subsequently vet all applications for eligibility. Applicants that have been accepted onto the qualification programmes will receive a Student Agreement which needs to be carefully read and duly endorsed.  Applicants for awards, parental/guardian sessions or educator sessions will not be receiving a Student Agreement.

Subsequently the respective accepted applicants will receive a notification for payment. This email will provide a link to the Government Payment Gateway (GPG).

Once the payment is processed, another automated email is generated acting as proof of payment and acceptance letter.  This document may come in handy when applying for scholarship schemes, therefore it is recommended that it is saved for future reference.

What is a Student Agreement?

Course participants following full qualification programmes are presented with a Student Agreement intended to safeguard the interest of the course participants and the IfE alike, by defining the conditions of acceptance to undertake studies at the IfE. Through the signing of agreement both parties agree to the stipulated conditions defining the relationship for the duration of studies.

A student agreement is a legal requirement emanating from Subsidiary Legislation 327.433 Further and Higher Education (Licensing, Accreditation and Quality Assurance) Regulations. The agreement defines the Roles and Responsibilities of the IfE and the course participants alike and is also a reflection of the IfE Policies and Procedures.

I am an international applicant living abroad.  Can I apply for a course offered by the IfE?

For the purpose of admissions, applicants from EU and EEA countries are considered as nationals and therefore can apply as a regular applicant. Learners from countries outside EU/EEA/Home are classified as international applicants and need to refer to the subsequent questions for further guidance.

I am an international applicant living in Malta. Can I apply for a course offered by the IfE?

International course participants who intend to move to Malta for study reasons, for the duration of the course, require an authorisation from Identity Malta in order to be able to study locally.

The IfE welcomes applications from learners from countries outside Malta/EU/EEA, subject to their proficiency in the English language. The IfE will assess completed applications including; all qualifications equivalent to the required MQF Level as recognised by the Malta Qualification Information Centre (MQRIC), academic records, and letters of reference.  The IfE will also evaluate the duration of education, the educational institutions attended, as well as the grading system used. Academic credentials presented must be originals written in the language in which they are normally issued, accompanied by certified translations in the English Language.

I did not manage to apply in time.  Can I be put on a waiting list?

Only those who apply through the IfE Portal within the application deadlines can be added onto the waiting list.

Will I be notified if my application has been rejected?

Following a thorough assessment of the eligibility of all applicants, the Admissions Board within the IfE will contact the respective applicants informing them of the outcome of their application.

If my application has been rejected, can I apply for the same course next year?

Applicants who have failed the eligibility assessment are encouraged to re-apply for the desired course and/or may be recommended to apply for an alternative suitable course. Applications for course enrolment are assessed independently from any previously submitted applications.

Can I withdraw a submitted application?

Submitted applications can be withdrawn at any point in time by sending an email to [email protected]. The refundability of the course fee is subject to conditions outlined in the Tuition Fees Policy of the IfE.

Tuition Fees

Do I have to pay anything at application stage?

For qualification programmes payments are requested once the applications have been vetted and the Student Agreement has been endorsed by the applicant.

For other courses payment is requested once the vetting of applications has been successful.

When do I pay the course fee?

Course fees are to be paid once the applicant has received an official notification of acceptance for a specific course/ programme. The payment due date will generally be communicated in the same notification.  Tuition fees are due at the start of each academic year or the start of each registration period for awards. For courses that are longer in duration than one academic year, the specified yearly fee is due at the respective start of each consecutive academic year or as otherwise specified in the Student Agreement.

The IfE does not accept cash or personal cheques. Payments are accepted through bank to bank transfers effected through the IfE portal, with any possible bank charges to be borne by the applicant.

Further details can be found on the Tuition Fees Policy.

What is the applicable fee for the course?

All course fees can be seen on the prospectus. Furthermore, one can access the Tuition Fees page on our website for more information about administrative charges, Tuition Fees Policy, and possible funding opportunities.

I am an international applicant. Which course fee applies to me?

All courses have a Full Fee and a Home/EU/EEA Fee. The International Fee (full course fee) applies for applicants who fall under international course participants (those outside Home/EU/EEA).

What if I cannot pay the tuition fee all at once?

The IfE offers flexible payment terms to applicants who may request to pay by instalments. More information on this can be found on the Tuition Fees Policy on our website.

Are there any funding opportunities?

Course participants are encouraged to seek out possible funding opportunities made available by various institutions or bodies. Qualification programmes may be eligible for funding through the Get Qualified 2017-2024 Scheme.

Can I request a refund?

Refunds may be requested in certain circumstances such as in the case of a course not meeting the minimum number of applicants and thus not running, in which case applicants who had settled the course fees and were enrolled on the course will be granted a 100% refund.

Other possible refunds may be applicable as per Tuition Fees Policy.

Course Participation

What are the attendance requirements for courses offered by IfE?

While regular attendance is expected of all course participants at all levels at the IfE, participants following Bachelor’s Degrees at MQF Level 6, the Postgraduate Certificate, Post Graduate Diploma and Master’s Degrees all at MQF Level 7 must ensure that their attendance does not fall below 80% in any particular year. On the other hand, course participants following Awards (Courses of up to 29 ECTS) must ensure that their attendance of the face-to-face sessions does not fall below 80%.

More details can be attained from the Attendance Policy and Procedures.

One may also refer to the:

Extenuating Circumstances Policy which takes into account instances whereby due to unforeseen circumstances such as unpredicted events or sudden illness, course participants are not in a position to complete an assessment. 

Leave of Absence Policy which explains the procedures adopted when a course participant wishes to take leave from enrolment for a specific period of time not exceeding 12 months.

I wish to terminate my studies, what should I do?  

Should you wish to withdraw from a course of study before completion, you must give notice in writing to the Course Coordinator as well as submit a form of withdrawal/ exit which the Course Coordinator would subsequently provide.  Course participants may also request any certification for which they are eligible. Further information can be accessed through the Termination of Studies Policy.

I would like to check if the course I’m interested in applying for is suited for my interests, what shall I do?

The choice of which course to follow is a very important decision and you must ensure that you gather all the information that would enable you to make an informed decision. You may contact the Manager Student Affairs if you wish to discuss any course queries and related career prospects through [email protected]

I am having difficulties following the course, whom shall I contact?

If you are experiencing academic or personal difficulties, you may contact the Student Affairs Office so that you can discuss your individual concerns through [email protected]. You will be guided accordingly depending on the nature of your concern. Should you wish to contact us via phone you can reach out to the Manager Student Affairs on tel:25982036.

I will have difficulties submitting my assignment within the stipulated deadline, what shall I do?

If you envisage that you will have difficulties submitting an assessment on time due to a particular situation, immediately contact the Course Coordinator or the Manager Student Affairs through [email protected] so that you will be guided accordingly. 

Requesting official Admissions Documentation

I would like to request a Transcript/Certificate. How can I attain a copy?

Whether you are currently enrolled, or if you were enrolled with IfE in the past, you may request official admissions documentation by submitting a formal request to the Institute.  A form for Request for Academic Records / Europass Diploma Supplement / Official Certificates​ is available on the IfE website. Please note that some documentation is only available against proof of payment of the charges stipulated in the list of Administrative Charges.

When do I receive my certificate?

Certificates for qualifications are presented during the Graduation Ceremony which takes place in November where all course participants who completed their studies and achieved a certificate during the academic year are invited. Those who do not attend the graduation ceremony will be able to collect their certificates from the IfE offices following the event.

Certificates for awards, educator sessions, parental/guardian sessions, and phase courses are made available through the Blockcerts App. The issuing of certificates takes place quarterly throughout the year. Instructions on how to access the certificates and how to print them will be shared with the recipients.

How do I access Blockerts?

Course Participants who have certificates accessible on Blockcerts will receive an email from [email protected] with the full instructions on how to access the certificates.

Blockcerts are accessible through the Blockcerts Mobile App which can be downloaded on both iOS or Andriod operating systems online. Once downloaded, an automated email invitation will be received which will request the user to add the Institute for Education as an issuer. A second email from the Institute for Education (IfE) will then be sent with the actual certificate attached. This file is the real blockchain certificate; it can be displayed, stored and shared online.

Blockcerts are automatically sent on the 1st day of the month after the issuer has been added.

How do I print my Blockcert?

Please follow the instructions below to print a hardcopy or to have an offline viewable version of your certificate: 

    • Open the Blockcerts App on the mobile device.
    • Select the Issuer (Institute for Education).
    • Select the desired Blockcert.
    • Select “Share.”
    • Select “Share Link.”
    • You can choose to copy the credential link or share it in an application of your choosing.
    • Paste the link into your preferred browser.
    • Click on the browser “Print functionality” and print a copy by clicking on the “Print” button. This will provide you a copy of the certificate together with the verification process on the side.

Can I apply for an appeal if, I am awaiting a resit / re-attempt?

No, you cannot lodge an appeal until the official mark of the resit is published.

Can I apply for an appeal I am awaiting results from a revision of paper?

No, results from a revision of paper cannot be appealed against as the process itself entails that the assessment is blind-marked by an external examiner. 

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