Who can access IfE’s library?

Full-time, part-time members and persons on a contract for service with the Institute for Education, as follows:

i.      Members of the Institute’s Advisory Board;

ii.    All full-time employees;

iii.   Academic members of staff;

iv.   Course participants who follow learning programmes at the Institute;

v.     Researchers to whom a temporary borrowing permit may be issued by the Senior Manager Administration.


How can I borrow books from the IfE library?

The library at the Institute for Education forms part of the Malta Libraries and any borrowing of books from the IfE library can only be done through the Malta Libraries’ portal. In order to be a library member and borrow books from IfE library, one has to be in possession of both the Malta Libraries (orange card) and the IfE library card.


How can I apply for the Malta Libraries card?

To obtain the Malta Libraries card one has to apply through the Malta Libraries website: The card will be received at the applicant’s home address. Once the applicant receives the Malta Libraries Card, he/she will be able to activate the Library Account.


What can I do if I apply for the Malta Libraries card but I do not receive it?

If one applies for the Malta Libraries card and does not receive the card, the applicant can send an email to [email protected] or phone on 25983500.


How can I apply for the IfE Library card?

To apply for the IfE library card one has to send an email to [email protected]. The IfE Library card will generally be ready for collection within three (3) working days from when request for card is received except for extraordinary circumstances. However, as soon as the card is available for collection, the applicant will be informed through email.


How can I access the Malta Libraries website and what is the procedure for borrowing a book?

To familiarise with the procedure kindly click here (Library Policy and Procedures, section 7.2). An email to borrow books must be sent by the library member three (3) working days before actually the library member needs to pick up the book/s from IfE. The library member shall wait to be notified by IfE library in order to collect the books requested. When the library member comes to pick up the books, he/she needs to present his/her Malta libraries card and the IfE Library Card.


What are the library opening hours?

Opening hours are between 8.00am and 4.00pm from Monday to Friday.


How many books can I borrow?

You can borrow up to a maximum number of four (4) books.


What happens if I have other books borrowed from a public library?

If the library member would have already borrowed books from a public library within the Malta Libraries, the number of books that one can borrow will vary accordingly. For example; if one would have already borrowed two (2) books from the public library in Floriana, the library member can only borrow two (2) books from IfE library (to limit the number of books to four (4) books as permitted by Malta Libraries).


How long can I keep a borrowed book and how can I extend the loan period?

The period allowed for the loan of each book is three (3) weeks/21 days. Renewals can be done online by the library member for up to two (2) times by accessing their library account through the Malta Libraries website. Borrowers can borrow up to three (3) times the same book (a total of 9 weeks).


Can I send someone else to collect the books on my behalf?

Books may be collected only by the library member in possession of both the Malta Libraries and IfE library cards and not by any other person unless a power of attorney is available.


Can I transfer a book to someone else?

A book shall not be transferred to another member unless the book is returned and reissued as per our policy and procedure.


What happens if I fail to return a book after the loan period has expired?

If a book is retained beyond the loan-period without renewal, or kept beyond a recall deadline, a charge of €0.20 per day shall be applicable. Charges shall be settled through an IBAN number provided by an IfE’s administrative officer. Non-settlement of fines shall lead to a blocking of the member from borrowing books.


Can I reserve a book that is already on loan?

Books which are already on loan may be reserved by another member by sending an email to [email protected] or the library member can himself/herself reserve the book through his/her library account of the Malta Libraries website. When returned, reserved books will be available for collection for a limited period only (9 working days).


What happens if I loose a book borrowed from the IfE library?

Members will be liable for any loss of, or damage to books while in their charge. Any loss or damage must be reported immediately to the Institute’s administrative staff. Library members may replace lost and/or damaged books with another identical publication.  Alternatively, members may also pay for the lost/damaged publications via bank transfer. The refund amount for the book to be paid will be advised by IfE. The library member can either decideto refund the book or replace the book by another identical publication within two (2) months from the reported loss/damage of the book.


What is the procedure to return a borrowed book?

Returns of books which have been borrowed from IfE library, may be effected from Monday to Friday between 8.00am and 4.00pm. The person who returns the book shall ask for an IfE’s administrative officer who will guide the borrower to the ‘Returns box’ present in the library where he/she can deposit the book(s).


Can someone else return the book on my behalf?

Yes, returns can be effected by other persons on behalf of the library member.


Where can I contact the IfE should I have further queries?

If you have any further queries, you can send an email to [email protected] , call on 25982001 or refer to the Library Policy and Procedures.

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