Pedagogy and Assessment of Social Studies in the Primary Classroom

ECTS Value: 1 ECTS

Contact Hours: 5

Self Study Hours: 12

Assessment Hours: 8


Overall Objectives and Outcomes

In this module, participants will explore issues related to the pedagogy and assessment of social studies within the primary classroom setting. They will evaluate different teaching strategies and apply their newly acquired skills and knowledge to develop well-structured, detailed and appropriate schemes of work and lesson plans which are aligned to the primary social studies syllabus. It will equip participants with the skills and competences necessary to differentiate content, process and product in their classrooms, produce effective teaching and learning resources to enhance learning. 

 By the end of this programme, participants should be able to:


a) Create an effective scheme of work /student centred lesson plans;
b) Manage the delivery of work planned, ensuring an efficient / effective / holistic teaching and learning experience;
c) Monitor and evaluate the resultant teaching and learning experience in a reflective, holistic, professional systematic manner.


a) Define Social Studies in Primary settings;
b) Identify best practices in Primary Social Studies;
c) List the best methods of delivery of related student-centred teaching and learning.


a) Operate at the Primary level (coming from a Secondary background);
b) Design / construct appropriate and captivating lesson plans;
c) Practice a reflective approach to own teaching praxis.


Assessment Methods

This module will be assessed through: Practical Assignment Tasks.

Suggested Readings

Core Reading List

1) Primary Social Studies Syllabus
2) Primary Social Studies LOF
3) Additional websites:

Supplementary Reading List


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