1st Annual Symposium 2020

Selection and Editorial Board

The members of the Selection and Editorial Board will assist the Institute for Education in evaluating the paper proposals in terms of their contribution to educational theory, policy, research, and/or practice, and the quality of explanation of the aims of the presentation, theoretical perspectives, methods of inquiry and analysis, strength of results and conclusions, and connections to one of the themes of the symposium.

They will also support the authors of the selected proposals in developing their proposal into a journal article and contribute a short introduction to one of themes for the journal.

The members of the Selection and Editorial Board are:

Prof. Khalid Arar, PhD, Texas State University

Khalid Arar (PhD) is a Professor at Texas State University and the Associate editor of the International Journal of Leadership in Education & Middle East regional Editor of the Journal of Education Administration and History. His research focusses on issues of diversity, equity and ethnicity in educational leadership and higher education. Recently, he edited Education, Immigration and Migration: Policy, Leadership and Praxis for a Changing World (Studies in Educational Administration) with Jeffrey Brooks and Ira Bogotch for Emerald and a book with Kussai Haj-Yehia, David Ross and Yasar Kondakçı titled as Higher Education Challenges for Migrant and Refugee Students in a Global World (Equity in Higher Education Theory, Policy, and Praxis) for Peter Lang Publishers as well as another book titled Turbulence, Empowerment and Marginalisation in International Education Governance Systems (Studies in Educational Administration)” with Alison Taysum for Emerald.​

Anita Seguna, PhD, Manager Student Affairs Institute for Education 

Dr Anita Seguna currently works both as Manager Student Affairs and as Lecturer with the Institute for Education. She has worked in the educational field since 1993 performing various roles: Teacher, Head of School, Head of Curriculum Design and Professional Learning, Mentor, Tutor and Lecturer. She is also a part-time lecturer at the Friedrich-Alexander University of Erlangen-Nürnberg and the University of Malta. She believes in the importance of andragogy and a hands-on approach in the professional development of teachers. She is also the author of several books in Maltese for children and teenagers. Anita Seguna holds a Ph.D. from Friedrich-Alexander University of Erlangen-Nürnberg. In her Ph.D. thesis, she investigated internationalisation in secondary schools in Malta. She ascertains that internationalisation is a process that integrates a global perspective into the schools’ development.

Viviana Premazzi, PhD, Founder and Director Global Mindset Development GMD Malta.

Ph.D. in Sociology of Migration, MA in Intercultural and Interreligious Conflicts Management, Accredited Lecturer in Intercultural Management by Hofstede Insights, she has worked as a consultant and trainer for corporations and not-for-profit organizations in Europe, North America, Africa and the Middle East.

Founder of Global Mindset Development GMD Malta, Senior Lecturer in Cultural Intelligence at the University of Malta and trainer for the Institute for Education, she has provided expert advice in education, security, HR, marketing and management to international organisations, government agencies, national and international companies, NGOs, charities and social enterprises.

She has been researcher and lecturer for universities and research institutes in Europe and North America.

She strongly believes in the power of Edutainment (Entertainment Education) and of the learning by doing. Her aim is always bridging research with practice and fieldwork.

Antoinette Schembri, Assistant Head of School

Antoinette Schembri is reading for a Ph.D at the University of Warwick, specialising in alternative education, early school leaving and absenteeism. Her interest in these areas stems from her twenty-year experience as a teacher in various government schools. Currently, she is an assistant head of school. Her teaching experiences prompted her to investigate ways of providing a better education for disenchanted students. Moreover, the presence of migrant students has caught her attention and she has started researching how they can be better integrated within the school system to avoid becoming early school leavers. Such research falls within the present government’s drive to tackle early school leaving and absenteeism. Antoinette Schembri is a member of BELMAS, BERA and also EERA and has been on the organizing committee of the Warwick Post-Graduate Conference in Education. In recent years, she has presented her work in various conferences in the UK and Europe and her papers have appeared in a number of different journals.

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