4th Annual Symposium 2023

Themes / ​Paper Proposals

The themes for the 4th Annual Symposium were elicited through a consultation process on the educators’ vision for tomorrow carried out by the Institute for Education in February 2023. The key themes and sub-themes that emerged in this consultation process were:

  • Teaching and Learning – This theme included two sub-themes, namely Learning, which covered Inclusion, Student-centered learning, Co-education; and Teaching, which included Time constraints, Quality and Standards, Technology, Training, Assessment, Skills and Competences and Subject Areas.
  • Leadership and Climate – This theme included seven sub-themes, namely Trust and Respect; Motivation; Wellbeing; Career; Expectations; Parental Involvement and Legal Quagmires.
  • The ‘System’ – This theme included three sub-themes, namely Primary, Secondary and Post-Secondary Education.
  • Policy – This theme included six sub-themes, namely Evaluation, Priorities, Key Actors, Consultation, Reform Fatigue and Resources.
  • A Changing Society – This theme included five sub-themes, namely the COVID Pandemic; Technology; Multicultural; Geographical and How Teachers are Perceived.

These key themes will be further explored during the symposium to critically evaluate possible recommendations for improvement.

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