4th Annual Symposium 2023


Keynote Speech

Keynote: The Future is Now. Educators’ Vision for TomorrowPresentationVideo

Presentations – Round 1

1. Social Diversification and the Future of Education in MaltaPresentationVideo
2. Teaching as a Prospective Career: Motivators and DisincentivesPresentationVideo
3. Characteristics of Teacher Education Students in Malta and Their Readiness for the Labour MarketPresentationVideo
4. Attitudes Toward Inclusion and Utilitarian-Progressive Philosophical Orientations : A Survey Study of Maltese State Primary School EducatorsPresentationVideo

Presentations – Round 2

1. More than a nudge into the futurePresentationVideo
2. Young People’s School Experience in Malta: Views on School Satisfaction, School Related Pressure and Stress, and Teacher and Classmate SupportPresentationVideo
3. Exploring the Affordances and Propensities of Multimodality in Narrative Pedagogies through Multimodal EthnographyPresentationVideo
4. Experiences of Gifted Mathematics Students in Mainstream ClassroomsPresentationVideo
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