Award in Assisting the Childcare Educator

MQF Level: 3

ECTS Value: 30 ECTS

Duration: 9 Months

Contact Hours: 110

Practice Hours: 200

Self Study Hours: 274

Assessment Hours: 166


Programme Description

This programme is intended to prepare applicants for the role of Assistant to the Childcare Educator. This is aimed to be achieved by giving course participants an education in child development (0-3 years), including best practices in providing physical care to babies and toddlers. The programme also includes aspects of Health and Safety in early years settings. Course participants will be taught how to create learning experiences that sustain children’s progress, and how to maintain inclusive learning environments. Additionally, the course will educate participants about Children’s Rights, Positive Behaviour, Parental Involvement and issues of Sustainability.

Entry Requirements

Applicants interested in following this programme are to satisfy the following eligibility criteria: 

a) Be at least 23 years of age;

b) Currently employed within a licensed childcare setting.

Overall Objectives and Outcomes

Through this programme, participants will be able to:

a. Use child development theories to understand children’s needs;

b. Care for children’s physical needs;

c. Implement learning experiences that sustain children’s progress;

d. Actively sustain inclusive learning environments;

e. Follow all pertinent Health and Safety regulations;

f. Employ positive behaviour management systems;

g. Encourage parental involvement in children’s learning and assessment;

h. Foster collaboration and healthy working relationships with all stakeholders;

i. Reflect on one’s daily practices;

j. Implement sustainability concerns in children’s learning experiences.

Course Outline

Mode of Delivery

This programme adopts an online approach to teaching and learning. For further details regarding delivery and assessment, kindly refer to the IfE Portal.


Upon successful completion of this module, course participants will be conferred an accredited certification.

Further Learning Opportunities and Career Progression

Upon successful completion of this programme, course participants may go on to further their studies in the area of early years education, learning and care. This programme satisfies part of the requirements for the role of Assistant to the Childcare Educator (ACE) outlined in the Maltese National Standards for Early Childhood Education and Care Services (0-3 years). Applicants are advised to consult with their respective employer the minimum requirements to apply for this position.

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